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Global Hunger - Widespread, Persistent and Unacceptable Print E-mail

globeSome 841 million people today are chronically malnourished, and there are 88 "food deficit" countries. This means "they can neither feed themselves nor afford the imports they need," according to the United Nations Population Fund. Following a vegetarian diet can help reduce your impact on the world food supplies, water supplies and land available for farming.

Livestock's Long Shadow Print E-mail

cowshadowsmallExecutive summary: This report aims to assess the full impact of the livestock sector on environmental problems, along with potential technical and policy approaches to mitigation. The assessment is based on the most recent and complete data available, taking into account direct impacts, along with the impacts of feedcrop agriculture required for livestock production.

8,500 Gallons of Water for 1 Pound of Beef Print E-mail

cowmommysmallApril 30, 2004 -- In a study presented last week by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) at the 12th meeting of the U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development in New York, the scarcity of water was found to have a direct relation to the food choices made by people around the world.

Water Deficits Growing Print E-mail

Water Shortages May Cause Food Shortages - by Lester R. Brown
The world is incurring a vast water deficit. It is largely invisible, historically recent, and growing fast. Because this impending crisis typically takes the form of aquifer over-pumping and falling water tables, it is not visible. Unlike burning forests or invading sand dunes, falling water tables cannot be readily photographed. They are often discovered only when wells go dry.

Livestock: Major Environment Threat Print E-mail

29 November 2006, Rome. Which causes more greenhouse gas emissions, rearing cattle or driving cars? Surprise!

Fight over the Nile Print E-mail

Mail & Guardian - March 19th 2004.
Nile Basin Initiative – an intergovernmental body set up to resolve differences over the use of the Nile between the 10 African countries that share it.