• I don't eat chicken anymore. I won't eat it. I won't allow it in my house - Rodney Leonard - U.S. Poultry inspector

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Olivia Wilde and Bob Harper Print E-mail
Olivia Wilde and Bob HarperPETA’S World’s Sexiest Male and Female Vegetarian Celebrities

The results are in—and actor Olivia Wilde and NBC's The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper have been crowned the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities of 2010!

World Famous Print E-mail
There are and have been many famous vegetarians the world over - actors, musicians, comedians and some of the most famous thinkers the world has known.

If you are, or you know of, a South African celebrity that is also vegetarian let us know - we would love to add them to the list, or even conduct an interview!
Mahatma Gandhi Joins the Vegetarian Society Print E-mail

gandhiIn September 1888 Mohandas Gandhi set sail for England to further his education. At this stage he was a vegetarian through family upbringing, and not because of any conviction that it was the right thing to do...

Gandhi Arrives in South Africa Print E-mail

gandhiface… After he was trained as a barrister he returned to India. He received an offer of work in South Africa and boarded a ship for Durban in May 1893.

Al Gore and George Bernard Shaw Print E-mail

Now’s the hour for Super Size Me
Rupert Cornwell looks at Al Gore’s astonishing journey of rebranding, redemption and self-rediscovery...

Leonardo Da Vinci Print E-mail

Leonardo Da Vinci was born in Vinci, near Florence, in 1452. He has been described as ‘the most gifted man who ever lived’.  And he was a vegetarian!

Vegetarian Brains... Print E-mail

einsteinIf the following people worked out that a vegetarian diet was better for them and the world they lived in, don't you think they might just have a point?

Vegetarian Musicians Print E-mail
bobFrom Boy George to Bob Marley, Ossie Osbourne to Weird Al Yankovic, scores of musicians prove that vegetarians have got rhythm!
Vegetarian Actors Print E-mail
actorsFrom Peter Sellers to Brad Pitt, Danny de Vito to Natalie Portman, see the list of Hollywood celebrities that don't eat meat!
Hottest Hollywood Celebrity "With a heart" Print E-mail

The Tonight Show band leader Kevin Eubanks and American Idol superstar Carrie Underwood were voted 2007 PETA’s World’s Sexiest Male and Female Vegetarian Celebrities in their seventh annual poll.

Interview with Benjamin Zephaniah - Talking Turkey Print E-mail

turkeyA: Getting back to your writing – do you think you have been influential in changing people's attitudes towards animals? Or do you write from a personal point of view and whether you change people's minds isn't as important to you?

Gandhi - The Moral Basis of Vegetarianism Print E-mail
gandhiface50th anniversary of Gandhi’s death - from EVU News, Issue 1 /1998
Speech delivered by Gandhi at a Social Meeting organised by the London Vegetarian Society, 20 November 1931.
"Mr, Chairman, Fellow Vegetarians, and Friends..."