• I despise and abhor the pleas on behalf of that infamous practice, vivisection... I would rather submit to the worst of deaths, so far as pain goes, than have a single dog or cat tortured to death on the pretense of sparing me a twinge or two. 
    -Robert Browning (poet)

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Captain Paul Watson's Earth Day Report Print E-mail
Click here to download Captain Paul Watson's 2007 Earth Day Report.
Seal Clubbing Print E-mail

The Times Tuesday July 7/2009

Namibia says it won’t stop seal clubbing.

The Namibian government says its annual commercial seal hunt will go on, despite objections from animal welfare groups.

Dr. Anthony Turton's water quality report Print E-mail
“Water Quality Challenges that Decision-Makers Need to Know Aboutn and How the CSIR should respond” by Dr. Anthony Turton.

The 50/50 t.v. environmental programme alerted South Africans to the fact that the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) had prevented the group leader of its Water Resource Governance Systems, Dr. Anthony Turton, from delivering his keynote address on water management.  The CSIR issued a media release to the effect that his written paper had been circulated in the weeks before the conference and was available in their repository of published research, however he was prevented from delivering the presentation as it departed substantially from the written paper. 
(see http://researchspace.csir.co.za/dspace/handle/10204/2620 ).

Dr. Turton’s report states bluntly that ‘South Africa simply has no more surplus water and all future economic development (and thus social wellbeing) will be constrained by this one fundamental fact that few have as yet grasped. An important implication of this fundamental fact is that South Africa has lost its dilution capacity, so all pollutants and effluent streams will increasingly need to be treated to ever higher standards before being discharged into communal waters or deposited in landfills.
A Case of Ingrid Newkirk's Will Power Print E-mail
Background News Story: The Canadian government has granted hunters the right to club to death 55,000 more seals than they did in 2008. Slaughterers will be allowed to destroy 338,200 seals in
the annual Canadian kill which began on Monday, March 23rd.

Ingrid Newkirk, founder of PETA, is a strong-willed woman. Her book "Free The Animals" first inspired my own passions in animal rights issues. Newkirk is a powerful speaker, and she has been a positive example to just about everybody in the Animal Rights movement, despite some of the goofy things PETA does.
Earth Hour Print E-mail
Earth Hour 2009 is a global initiative by the World Wide Fund for Nature which acts as a worldwide call to action to every individual, business and community to take a stand against Climate Change. To show your support, sign up now and commit to switching off your lights for one hour on Saturday, March 28th at 8:30pm. Originating in Sydney, Australia in 2007, the Earth Hour initiative proved more than worthwhile when it witnessed 2 million people coming together to switch off their lights for one hour for this vital cause.

Earth Hour 2009 has one major aim: to unite the citizens of the world in the fight against climate change in order to convince governments and world leaders that our planet cannot wait any longer. There simply isn’t enough time, and therefore 2009 is a colossally important, if not the most critical year, to take action on climate change. 2009 is the year we decide the future of our planet.

Show your support. All you need to do is sign up on Earth Hour or SMS your postal code to 34017 (R2 per SMS) to register your support for action on climate change.
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