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kiwismallAlso known as the Chinese gooseberry, this luscious green fruit originated in China but was massively popularized by the growers of New Zealand.  It is an attractive ingredient in fruit salads, or as a garnish for any number of sweet or savoury dishes. The rise of nouvelle cuisine seemed, for some chefs at any rate, to be largely a vehicle for the promotion of the kiwi fruit, with the result that it has suffered from 'faded trendiness' and may, to some, seem rather passe and even somewhat vulgar.

Since its popularity waned, its price has become rather more reasonable and there are often bargains to be had in the kiwi fruit department of many produce markets. Kiwi has a generally mild flavour, and makes an attractive juice either by itself or in combination with other tropical fruit, such as guava, mango, papaya or pineapple. Nutritionally it contains heroic amounts of vitamin C, a single fruit more than meeting the adult daily reommended intake. 

Nutrient analysis 1 raw kiwi fruit (76g):
Ascorbic Acid (mg) 74.48
Calcium (mg) 19.76
Source: The Realeat Encyclopedia of Vegetarian Living - Peter Cox
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