• The medical argument for animal testing doesn’t stand up. Even if it did, I don’t think we should kill other species. We think we’re so much better; I’m not sure we are. I tell people, “We’ve beaten into submission every animal on the face of the Earth, so we are the clear winners of whatever battle is going on between the species. Couldn’t we be generous? I really do think it’s time to get nice. No need to keep beating up on them. I think we’ve got to show that we’re kind.
    -Paul McCartney

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Fight over the Nile Print E-mail

Mail & Guardian - March 19th 2004.
Nile Basin Initiative – an intergovernmental body set up to resolve differences over the use of the Nile between the 10 African countries that share it.

nileThe 1929 Nile Treaty, signed between Egypt and Britain – at that time colonial master of most of East Africa – forbids any country south of Egypt to engage in any irrigation or hydroelectric projects that might reduce the volume of water that reaches Egypt and northern Sudan.

 Country  Population
 Burundi  6,8 million  
 Democratic Republic of Congo
 50 million  
 Egypt  64 million  
 Eritrea  4,2 million  
 Ethiopia  64 million  
 Kenya  32 million  
 Rwanda  6,6 million  
 Sudan   34 million  
 Tanzania  34 million  Proposed $27,6 billion project drawing
 water from Lake Victoria
 Uganda  22 million  
 Total  317.6 million  
Population statistics from Africa Institute of South Africa – Wall Map 2000

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