• The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated
    -Mahatma Gandhi.

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World Day for Animals in Laboratories: Friday April 24th 2009 Print E-mail
Each year millions of animals, birds and fish are experimented on in the name of science and research, for industries as diverse as pharmaceutical, cosmetic and weapons development.

These creatures are burnt, scalded, drowned, subjected to emotional and physical deprivations, electrocuted, poisoned and have their limbs and brains damaged, often without the benefit of anaesthesia or analgesics.  Aside from being morally wrong, such experiments are often misleading and the results cannot be applied to humans. Awareness of the suffering inflicted on helpless creatures has grown enormously in recent years and April 24th is earmarked as World Day for Laboratory Animals, an international day of protest against this abuse.
Programme of events:
South African animal rights organisations and caring individuals will be gathering to protest the continuing abuse and the secrecy under which vivisectors operate.

We are having the protest/gathering on Saturday 25th April outside the steps of Wits University at the top of Jan Smuts Avenue in Braamfontein which will start at 10am.

There will also be a bus leaving from Primedia House in Sandton (5 Gwen Lane, Corner Fredman Drive, Sandown) at 10am (try to be there early) which people can travel on through town and end up at the Wits protest/gathering. Please bring posters and pictures to hold on the bus and to show to people driving past.  There will be people available at the protest at Wits to give lifts back to Sandton for those who go on the bus and leave their cars there.  You are welcome to come to either one of them or both of them.  Please bring posters and pictures of whatever you want regarding vivisection or anything about animal abuse for the bus and the protest.  We need your support!!!!!

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