• A man’s religion is of little value unless even seemingly insignificant creatures benefit from it.
    -Dr. Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965), theologian, humanitarian, philosopher, medical missionary and acclaimed musician. Voted Person of the Century by Time Magazine.

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Come walk a mile with me
Feel my pain
Share my anguish
Feel the hunger and loneliness with me
Feel the cold in the night with me
Come walk a mile with me
Feel my desperation
Feel my anger
Feel my abuse
Feel the emptiness inside of me
Can you feel my hopelessness?
Come walk with me
Sit with me; pick my thorns from my bare feet
Life has been harsh to me
People have been cold towards me
Come with me, see life through my eyes
Come walk with me
Experience life’s hardships with me
Share my circumstances
Come with me, share my tears
Wipe them away from my eyes, comfort me
Come walk a mile with me
Come walk a mile with me
Then judge me
Then condemn my actions
Then blame my ignorance
Then tell me
Can you survive?
Can you come walk a mile with me?
Will you walk with me for a bit,
a mile with me?

The Times 17th Dec. 2008

by Carol Lulu Ngcane
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