• The medical argument for animal testing doesn’t stand up. Even if it did, I don’t think we should kill other species. We think we’re so much better; I’m not sure we are. I tell people, “We’ve beaten into submission every animal on the face of the Earth, so we are the clear winners of whatever battle is going on between the species. Couldn’t we be generous? I really do think it’s time to get nice. No need to keep beating up on them. I think we’ve got to show that we’re kind.
    -Paul McCartney

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Christmas Wise Print E-mail
By Benjamin Zephaniah

All I want fe Christmas is world peace
I don’t want loads a food dat I really can’t eat
All I want fe Christmas is a long holiday
An a house in Jamaica where I can stay,
I don’t want kisses under mistletoe
From Sloppy people I don’t know,
I won’t be putting out nu stocking cos
I don’t wear de tings,
I won’t be cutting down nu Christmas trees
I like dem living.

All I want fe Christmas is dis planet for ever
Fully complete wid its ozone layer
All I want fe Christmas is friends and…
No more records from Status Quo,
I don’t want a white Christmas an I bet
We’ll get nu more of dem cos of de Greehhouse effect,
An I reckon at Christmas we create too much waste
Maybe a green Christmas is more to my taste,
All I want fe Christmas is sum honesty
About de wisdom of Christmas
An how it should be
All I want fe Christmas is clean air,
But I reckon I won’t get none
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