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    -Leonardo Da Vinci (Leonardo the artist created the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.)

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Christmas Wise Print E-mail
By Benjamin Zephaniah

All I want fe Christmas is world peace
I don’t want loads a food dat I really can’t eat
All I want fe Christmas is a long holiday
An a house in Jamaica where I can stay,
I don’t want kisses under mistletoe
From Sloppy people I don’t know,
I won’t be putting out nu stocking cos
I don’t wear de tings,
I won’t be cutting down nu Christmas trees
I like dem living.

All I want fe Christmas is dis planet for ever
Fully complete wid its ozone layer
All I want fe Christmas is friends and…
No more records from Status Quo,
I don’t want a white Christmas an I bet
We’ll get nu more of dem cos of de Greehhouse effect,
An I reckon at Christmas we create too much waste
Maybe a green Christmas is more to my taste,
All I want fe Christmas is sum honesty
About de wisdom of Christmas
An how it should be
All I want fe Christmas is clean air,
But I reckon I won’t get none
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