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“Its cruel” exclaimed my daughter referring to the slaughter
Which I had denied - with which I had never identified.
Caught off-guard in total surprise
I stared in bewilderment into her emotion laden eyes
Her “I’m going vegetarian” statement slowing sinking in.

What a learning experience it became for me
She understood the word “cruelty”
I started to understand “duplicity”
Of the futility of repeating unhappy history
Remembered my promise to this sweet helpless child on the day of her birth
“To love her and protect her while I was here on earth”
And what had been my mother’s prayer
Her mother - my grandmother’s too?
The same! But didn’t they live
Through World War One and Two?

So we follow in the footsteps of the millions who have gone before
Who fought for survival, land or a ‘cause’
And lost their lives through hatred and through war.
And through their constant sacrifice have some now come to see
The role of self-involvement in preventing cruelty?
Is inherited wisdom perhaps now playing a part
In the attaining, or is it the regaining
Of their birthright - the right to a compassionate heart?
So when you hear those words which mean ‘I truly care’
Do your best to be there - to help them stand their ground
You could be the one who is most thankful
When their “I’m Going Vegetarian” statement
Turns your thinking right around!

Alexandra Spicer - 2002

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