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That "Bloody" Supermarket Package Print E-mail

Sun beating down mercilessly,
Thirst, a desperate longing
Shoving; pushing; groans of pain
Near suffocation,
The miles, endless miles, from parched day into
Freezing night

Dawn, a squeal of brakes; shouts and curses,
Painful prods to bruised and broken limbs,
Nostrils flare & quiver, eyes roll with terror,
A smell of death hangs in the air
Again, shoving, pushing; to a terrifying
Destiny unknown

Hooves clatter and trip along a cold steel surface,
Metal railings crush heaving ribs,
Brutal uncaring hands slam a struggling
Head into the vice, 
Hot, searing pain, a sea of blood clouds the eyes,
Oblivion; unconsciousness
Finally, the welcome release of death!

…on to a journey of a different kind
music blares, shoppers moan, children whine
and a polystyrene, cling wrapped package
lies in the freezer, A LIFE THAT ONCE WAS.

Ingrid B Teulon - 2000

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