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Maximum Global Population Guesses (McCluney 1999):

Everyone at the current U.S. standard of living and with all the health,
nutrition, personal dignity and freedom that most Americans currently enjoy.
2 billion
Everyone at the same affluence as the U.S. (current), but with many and onerous restrictions on freedoms relative to behaviors leading to environmental degradation.
To accommodate populations greater than 2 billion, restrictions such as the following would have to be instituted:
• Massive recycling. 
• Driving restrictions (gasoline rationing, fuel rationing even to mass transit
• Restrictions on the transport of food (food transported no more than 100 miles
for example to its point of retail sales).
• Prohibitions against cutting trees on one's property. 
• Limitations on the burning of fossil fuels to save these complex molecules for
more valuable or durable uses, such as in the manufacture of plastics and pharmaceuticals. Limitations on the areas of open spaces that can be converted
to renewable energy power plants, such as solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, and
wind energy systems. This latter results from the need to preserve natural areas
for food growing.
4 billion
Only people in the U.S. and Europe at current level of affluence. Everyone else at
the current prosperity level of Mexico.
6 billion
Everyone in the world at Mexico's current prosperity level. 20 billion
Everyone in the world at the current "prosperity"  level of northwest Africa. 40 billion

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