A Case of Ingrid Newkirk's Will Power
Background News Story: The Canadian government has granted hunters the right to club to death 55,000 more seals than they did in 2008. Slaughterers will be allowed to destroy 338,200 seals in
the annual Canadian kill which began on Monday, March 23rd.

Ingrid Newkirk, founder of PETA, is a strong-willed woman. Her book "Free The Animals" first inspired my own passions in animal rights issues. Newkirk is a powerful speaker, and she has been a positive example to just about everybody in the Animal Rights movement, despite some of the goofy things PETA does.

All in all, Ingrid Newkirk is a saint, and I one day hope that PETA issues a St. Ingrid medal to represent lost causes for animals who continue to suffer.
Today's column is not about Newkirk's strong will. It is about her last will. You see, upon her death, she has willed her body parts to deserving entities.

To protest the barbarity of clubbing baby seals to death in Canada, Ingrid wants to have one of her
ears removed and mounted and sent to Ottawa, Canada's center of political power so that the government can "hear" the screams of tortured animals who are killed for their fur. Many of these animals are skinned while they are still alive. Their bloody furless bodies writhe in pain on the ice in their final dying moments.

Newkirk wants her other ear sent to India where she has spent considerable time protesting Indian slaughterhouses and India's leather industry.

The United States government is remembered in her will as well. She leaves one of her piercing eyes to be removed and sent to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a reminder that PETA will continue to "watch" and report continuing EPA torture of animals which sets standards for animal suffering by absurd and barbaric experimental research.

Although Ingrid Newkirk has never been force-fed by gavage and her internal organs are probably petite by human standards, she still wishes that her liver be baked into terrines and sent to France to be crafted as foie gras to represent that popular part of the French cuisine which tortures geese.

Her skin is to be sewn into purses. Her legs and feet are to be crafted by skilled taxidermists and made into umbrella stands to represent those elephant-foot umbrella stands which haunted her in her youth.

Last but not least, inspired by Federico Fellini's Satyricon, Newkirk offers the rest of her body to be
served as a human barbecue to those willing to dine upon charcoal-broiled Ingrid ribs and steaks.

With Ingrid Newkirk, when it comes to influencing people to show compassion to animals, where there is a will, there is a way.

Robert Cohen