Education of the Heart

In 1995 "crime" cost South Africans thirty-one billion Rands* or more
And in spite of spending this huge amount of money
We feel no safer than we felt before
And until we teach compassion we'll feed prisoners instead of the poor!

Millions of South African children are starving
Their little bodies painfully thin,
Their eyes ask why they suffer and why it is their fate
And unless we teach compassion we'll never be able to fill that plate!

Millions of farm animals devour fifty per cent of our grain each day
Our largest area of land devoted to 'hay' - unsustainable in every way!
"Food" not "feed" is the solution to human need
And if we teach compassion we will get rid of greed!

We hope that our new South African Government will really try to hear
Because we cannot continue living with this poverty, hunger and fear
The entire population believes that we have lost control
But its not too late to teach compassion so as to put food in that empty bowl!

If there truly is "transparency" then everyone has the right to know
Exactly what we're growing and precisely where it is going
They have the right to know the truth about erosion - why soil turns into sand
And why when you do not teach compassion hunger stalks the land!

[Alexandra Spicer (Vegetarian) - June 1999]
*  Equal to 5,6 percent of 1996 projected Gross Domestic Product and 
   18 percent of the government's national budget. (The Citizen 12/06/96)