At the Zoo

The oddest of creatures you’ll see in this zoo
Is no piglet, no tigger, no Winnie the Pooh,
No leopard with spots, no camel with humps
No rhino with skin that’s got sinister lumps,
No butterfly stamping, no night-walking cat,
No reptile that makes you cry, ‘What on earth’s that?’,
No quaint armadillo, no tame marmoset,
No, none of those monkeys you’d want as a pet,
No parrot that’s sick, no peacock that’s proud,
No penguin that waddles along with the crowd,
No dodo, no phoenix, no pobble with toes,
Not even a dong with a luminous nose:
All these creatures are thanking their lucky old stars
That they’re safely caged in behind strong iron bars
Look around: the most dangerous beast here is you –
You two-legged hooligan herds of yahoo.

Robert Roberts