Impact of Population Growth
  • Supplies of water for irrigation are declining around the world as underground water reserves - aquifers - become depleted faster than nature can fill them. Groundwater overdrafting is now widespread in the crop-producing regions of central and northern China, northwest and southern India, parts of Pakistan, much of the Western United States, North Africa, the Middle East, and the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Nearly half the earth's land mass already has been changed by human activity - wetlands filled in, forests cut down, prairies plowed under. Runoff from farms, industries, and urban areas has resulted in some 50 "dead zones" in
    coastal waters.
  • Among the ocean's 200 major fish stocks, 35% are in decline, and another 25% are being fully exploited. 
  • Species are going extinct at a faster rate than ever before, including the time when dinosaurs were dying out.